Friday, July 08, 2005

An odd coincidence

I already talked about, which is a very knowledgeable website when it comes to in-depth analysis of giallo films.
Steven Jay Schneider is a guest-editor for this site and has contributed to insightful articles about Dario Argento.

Donald Cammell - Self Portrait

But, as google made me find out, Steven also wrote in 2001 an article on Donald Cammell, a British director of aesthetical thrillers, which happens to be called: "Killing in Style: The Aestheticization of Violence in Donald Cammell's White of the Eye"

Well that's an odd coincidence of titles.
Having read it, I can tell there's a reason for this: Steven seems to be interested in how Cammell was trying to elevate violence to an art form in his films, which is very close to what I am trying to comment on in gialli. Read on, Steven's point of view is obviously very interesting for the giallo amateur.

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