Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Young blood

Terrifying film, Rosemary's baby (Roman Polanski - 1968).

Watching it a few days ago, I was stunned by its strength and its amazing capacity to drag you into the plot in an irresisitible manner. And there's this scene of Rosemary's dream, when she is raped by the Devil during an orgy of old satanic worshippers...

I could not help thinking Aldo Lado found here some inspiration for his own orgy scene with old people in his great giallo Short Night of the Glass Dolls (1971).
Both films seem to be carrying a similar message: old people need young blood to maintain or increase their power.

My God! That's almost a vampiric theme.

Read here an interesting analysis of Polanski's film.
And just for the anecdote, it's interesting noticing "Roman Castevet", the name of the sorcerer's son in the film, bears strange similitudes with "Roman" (Polanski) and "Cassavetes" (John).

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