Monday, May 01, 2006

Femme fatale

Among the many actresses who were trying to build their fame in genre cinema, one was sadly under-employed and did not appear in the best productions: Marina Malfatti.
With her beautiful yet strange looks, she's a typical European "femme fatale" of the 70's. Severe but charming, Italian with a hint of German style, mysterious and vulnerable, she probably epitomises ambiguity better than any other.

Her magnetic presence in the role of Mary, Jane's (Edwige Fenech) mysterious neighbour in "All the colors of the dark" (Sergio Martino - 1972), by far makes her the most interesting character in this otherwise particularly disappointing giallo. She manages to exhude a poisonous beauty which perfectly suits her character and makes her very attractive yet scary at the same time. Probably the modern idea of a witch.

In the film, she is the one who leads Jane to a satanic sect, then vanishes. She is Mary, not that immaculate.

If "Tutti i colori del buio" is a giallo you can easily live without, its score by Bruno Nicolai is a great one you can find here.
Marina Malfatti was also quickly appearing in Umberto Lenzi's "Seven Bloodstained Orchids", on which I wrote a few words there.


Whiggles said...

Malfatti is also in Emilio Miraglia's two gialli, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave and The Red Queen Kills 7 Times, and in the former, as the female lead, she and her perfect buttocks get a great deal of screen time.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the two Miraglia gialli just out on Region 1 DVD from No Shame, Malfatti is well represented. And the two films are some of the best.

I am a litttle surprised you find the Martino film one "you can easily live without," when I find it one of the most representitive of the genre!

Thank you for the interesting site, please keep up the fine work.

L'Anonyme de Chateau Rouge said...

diantre, un blog consacré au giallo ! ça me parait tres bien tout ça... Il faut juste que je dépasse ma paresse légendaire pour parcourir tout ça en anglais...

"I be back" donc comme dirait un célèbre tueur d'un obscur film italien...