Thursday, March 01, 2007

Into Fulci

"[Fulci] uses the position of the camera to define the moral and emotional weight of his scenes; each shot is a judgement, an act of involvement. [...] Fulci either keeps his distance, shooting from a height, or zooms in as if to point his finger".

I recently came across three articles about Lucio Fulci on the Bad Zero blog, which lay out some highly insightful thoughts on the director's unique style and approach to filming.

Check these two general articles here and here (the latter notably covers "A lizard in a woman's skin") and another one there, which gives an excellent point of view on "Don't torture a duckling" while drawing an interesting comparison with Almodovar's cinema.

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Tom said...

Thank you very much for your kind words Sylvain. Unfortunately Bad Zero has had its day I feel, and I mean to start another blog at some time devoted to film reviews. Watching Perversion Story the other day brought home to me how much there is to say about Fulci and how little I've scratched the surface. But thank God for these DVDs - it's as if Fulci's full body of work is slowly being brought to light and the earth dusted off! Your blog is extremely interesting, and I do agree with your comments on Lucertola.

Cheers, Tom.