Friday, August 05, 2005

Playing "Clue" on ecstasy

Listen to this.
It is the very morriconesque theme composed by Bruno Nicolai for Perché quelle strane gocce di sangue sul corpo di Jennifer? (Such a great title, AKA The Case of the Bloody Iris).
This picturesque soundtrack is one of the good aspects of this giallo I did not like that much.

But above all, what I found interesting about this movie is its construction around the same unique place, a modern and luxury condominium which happens to be hosting a gallery of freaks: the predatory lesbian neighbour and her strange violin-teacher father, the austere old lady hiding her hideous son in her flat, Jennifer's maniac sect-guru ex-husband, Jennifer's hysterical blonde flatmate and the typical ambiguous 911-Porsche-driver-playboy architect.

The unity in location (everything in the scenario always leads back to the building), the "overstylish" photography and these baroque characters turn this film into a rather amusing, high-on-drugs game of "Clue", where everybody can be successively suspected of being the murderer.

So watch this film as if you were playing the game and use your talents of deduction: this is a psychedelic whodunnit more than a giallo.

Some reviews acknowledge the good and bad aspects of this movie: DVD Maniacs' and Monsters at Play's, which stresses the pictural dimension of the film through its 70's imagery.
Bruno Nicolai's soundtrack is obviously worth a check.


Meddle said...

The Case of the Bloody Iris is one of my favorite giallo's and I also wrote a review for this title which can be found here:

MIirko di Wallenberg said...

I love this giallo because, as you mentioned has great music but also Edwige Fenech, queen of the gialli!