Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pandora's box (the handbag)

Blood and Black Lace's cornerstone scene.
A young model was murdered near a fashion house she was working for.
Just before a fashion show, her diary is accidentally found by another model. She puts it into her handbag. Leaves the handbag on a table while she's on the catwalk.

From this instant, the handbag becomes everybody's main focus. And Bava starts an amazing sequence of eyesights: from a model to the bag, from another model to the bag, from the fashion house director to the bag, etc. The handbag is shot from every possible angle in a stunning and fast-paced camera dance.
By this very clever device, Mario Bava makes us understand the diary in the handbag contains the key to the whole story. Opening the bag and reading the diary would unveil the awful truth.

Of course the bag will disappear from our sight in a minute, stolen in the hubbub of the fashion show. And this theft will start the killing.

But just before it vanishes, Bava will beautifully focus on one of the models called Tao-Li, framed by both the camera and the handbag's handle.
Tao-Li will be the last to die.

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