Saturday, September 10, 2005

A serious problem of faith

The 1970s will remain a dark decade for Italy. Shaken by scandals, corruption and terrorism, the country went through a deep and long-lasting crisis. The Italian society's fundamental pillars themselves were questioned and sometimes rejected.

Beyond the aesthetisation, beyond the twisted plots and the originality of the genre, the major earthquake of the Italian society's crisis is clearly showing through in Giallo.
On this particular subject, again there are strong links between two gialli I talked about previously: Who saw her die? (Aldo Lado - 1972) and The Bloodstained Shadow (Antonio Bido - 1978).

The first one was opening the decade by casting a dark light on Religion - an essential and untouchable element of Italian society -, through the terrifying example of a schizophrenic queer priest.
The second one was closing the 70s going even further in skepticism and nihilism, by frontally attacking both Religion and the ultimate Italian institution: La Famiglia (Family).
Both films share a similar disturbing ending symbolically picturing the inevitable fall of these institutions to their death.

By the time it reached the 80s, it looks like Italy had completely lost faith in itself.

More from this blog on these two films here, here and there, and a reflection about Italy's fall at the end of the 60s through the analysis of "Il Sorpasso" (The Easy Life, 1962 - Dino Risi).

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