Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hamilton meets Lynch

Part of the mysterious charm of "What have you done to Solange?" (Massimo Dallamano - 1972) is probably that it is a very elegant voyeur movie.

From the first seconds of the opening credits, where teenage girls are cycling through the countryside in an orange monochrome tone, we understand there is more to these images of innocence than meets the eye. And we want to know and see what it is.

Something terribly wrong floats in a gently erotic atmosphere, as if David Hamilton's and David Lynch's worlds had perfectly merged together to give birth to an evil kind of beauty. This is reinforced by Ennio Morricone's poisonous soundtrack, as sophisticated and aerial as ever.
It is a beauty which is irresistible, so innocent and perverse at the same time, so inaccessible... so close to its own tragic end.

This highly ambiguous shower scene perfectly encapsulates what this great giallo is: a twisted beauty you secretly watch through a keyhole.

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