Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Doll rage

It's fairly anecdotical. But ever since I saw The Bloodstained Shadow (Antonio Bido, 1978), the doll scene has stayed in a corner of my memory, as a sick visual idea to express blind and gratuitous violence.

We have here an apparently very "bourgeois" woman, who's hiding her monstruously difformed son at home, as we later find out. Their relationship is obviously perverse: under the pretext of maternal love he is her prisoner and stays locked in the house all day. Despite he's already an adult, she takes care of him as if he was a baby. He's even got a doll.

A lovely baby doll.
Which is tortured and dismembered before our very eyes when the woman, for obscure reasons, decides to punish her for having been naughty to her son, her 'baby'...
After this visually striking burst of rage, the doll is left mutilated on the floor. And we're left with that very uncomfortable feeling a child has just been tortured to death in front of us.

Like the rest of the film though, this scene is somewhat formulaic. As if it was trying to be a recipe for a giallo: dismembering a doll, that is gross.
Yet so efficient.

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