Friday, January 20, 2006

Thank you

Thank you Mario Bava for the murders taking place in a model agency (Blood & Black Lace),
Thank you Massimo Dallamano for the revenge linked to an abortion (What have you done to Solange?),
And for the killer dressed up in a motorcycle gear (What have they done to your daughters?),
Thank you Sergio Martino for the ear rings seen on a newspaper picture (like the scorpion cufflinks appearing in a newspaper in The Case of the Scorpion Tail),
Thank you Giuliano Carnimeo for the tacky photoshoots (Case of the Bloody Iris),
Thank you Ernesto Gastaldi for the lesbianism to spice up the plot (Your vice is a locked room and only I have the key),
Thank you Lucio Fulci for the body mutilations,
And of course thank you Edwige Fenech for on demand undressing.

Steal as much as you can from other gialli, and make it even hotter by mixing it with the sexy comedy "filone": you'll get Strip Nude for your Killer (Andrea Bianchi - 1975), which title is as subtle as the film itself.

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Clifford Brown said...

We all know that Bianchi has not invented the wheel... He is, like Tonino Ricci and so many other italian "genre" directors, an honest artisan picking ideas here and there and assembling them in un-original but still very interesting movies. Like Tarantino, but without the blatant arrogance.