Saturday, June 03, 2006

Soundtrack extravaganza

Killing in Style has just turned a year. Let's have a party. Not forgetting I came to 60s & 70s films through their music, here are a few great places to visit for your ears' delight:

First of all, "Nova fait son cinéma" by Nicolas Saada, the best French radio broadcast dedicated to soundtracks. Every sunday at 8pm Paris time, you can listen to it live here (no podcast). And there is its blog, keeping a record of all the playlists.

Then, Radio Aperitivo, a cool pop music radio broadcast from Lyon, which has especially made two great downloadable programmes on 60s & 70s soundtracks here and there.

ScoreBlog is an audioblog only dedicated to film music, whatever their styles.

ScoreBaby's Annex is a recent audio blog created by "Score, Baby!", where you can find rare and out-of-print soundtracks to listen to.

Pretty new and groovy is the Winged Avenger, also with extracts from cool 60s/70s pop & film music.

Quite Quite Fantastic, the name says it all, with its unique compilations.

And finally, to buy the music (because you must support those small exciting labels), check out Movie Grooves, probably the most extensive soundtrack resource on the web.

This is it for the moment, but I'm sure there must be plenty of other cool places to discover (don't hesitate to post your own bookmarks in the comments section).


Whiggles said...

Happy birthday and congratulations on reaching the ripe old age of 1! May you live long and prosper!

Sylvain L. said...

Thanks Whiggles. A year ago, I would never have thought I could carry on writing for a year. But here we are and I hope it is as exciting to read as it is to write!

robert said...

hi sylvain, congratulations and many more!

monsieur aperitivo said...

Thank you for your kind words Sylvain.

You mentionned movie grooves for soundtracks, but don't forget to have a look to dusty groove 's soundtracks section, i found a lot there

Keep on

Monsieur aperitivo

Magnus said...

Hi, congratulations and thanks for some cool soundtrack links. I represent a new swedish soundtrack label, and we have just released Franco Micalizzi's fantastic score for the crazy psychotronik film "Superuomini Superdonne Superbotte" - check it out at

Cheers, Magnus