Thursday, October 12, 2006

Early Marketing Trick

When they have a serious explanation, Edwige Fenech & George Hilton pour themselves a glass of it.
Susan Scott enjoys it with a cigarette, in her cosy boudoir.
From time to time, Luc Merenda gets some.
Franco Nero likes it so much he drinks it while driving.
Anita Strindberg indulges on it with Florinda Bolkan, during a wild party.
Not to mention Jean Sorel, who was spotted with a bottle in his flat.

Yes, J&B is the official Giallo drink.
Which shows that product placement in movies is not a recent idea.

J&B's Italian marketing director was certainly a man of taste, yet image cannot change reality: even with the glamour of Italian genre cinema, it remains a terrible whisky.


Michael said...

Ah yes, "Spot the J&B bottle" is a great game to play. I love how the label is almost always angled towards the camera.

Interestingly, in one of Mikel Koven's articles on gialli, he says he called up J&B Whisky and the person he spoke to said that the use of these bottles in the films was voluntary, so no-one was actually getting any money for it. Apparently the lable had specific connotations that the filmmakers simply decided they wanted to evoke!

Whiggles said...

That post above was by me, by the way. It gets very confusing having two different accounts for two versions of Blogger (original and beta).

Chris said...

J&B is not a "terrible" whisky. I find it much preferable to Johnny Walker and even Glenlivet. Perhaps you just don't have a taste for scotch. Hey, it's past noon, I'm gonna have a double and think of Edwidge, or perhaps Barbara Bouchet.
-Chris, Euro-cult fan and drinker.