Friday, June 03, 2005

My first italian soundtrack

I was 5.
It was a "45 tours" from Ennio Morricone's score for "Le Casse" (AKA Gli Scassinatori or The Burglars - Director : Henri Verneuil). I know it's not a Giallo.
But the score, which builds on a heartbeat rhythm, hooked me and that would be the start of my ear sensitivity to Morricone's haunting melodies.

When many years later I got to see the movie, which is for me a kind of European answer to 'Bullit', I was immediately struck by the ambiguity of the characters (JP Belmondo in the gangster role, and Omar Sharif in the cop's) : the bad guy is never the one you expect. But both of them have got a very stylish attitude.
This is what's nice about European cinema - especially in this 60-70's period. It's got ambiguity and elegance.

Again, the soundtrack is absolutely beautiful.
(And you can find some tracks on the Molto Mondo Morricone compilation)

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