Friday, August 26, 2005

Open space claustrophobia

This is Carol (Cristina Airoldi).
She decided to go to a mysterious rendez-vous given by a threatening blackmailer to her best friend, Julie (Edwige Fenech).

It's sunset in a big Vienna park, near closing time. Carol has been waiting in the alleys and nobody came. She is alone. She, who is usually so lively and lighthearted, looks more and more un-at-ease. The large and empty alleys of the park she's walking through paradoxically give an oppressive and claustrophobic feeling to this moment.

She's on a vast lawn now. And suddenly she hears a noise, so she turns around to see where it came from. Nothing. All this empty space around - about to swallow her.

She's beautifully scared.
In a moment she'll be savagely assaulted.

This is a great crime scene from "Lo strano vizio della Signora Wardh" (The strange vice of Mrs. Wardh), by Sergio Martino (1970).
A very stylish film, both in terms of plot and image design.


Meddle said...

The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh is my all time favorite collaborations between Sergio Martino and Edwige Fenech. Carol's death in the park is one of Sergio Martino's finest moments as a director.

Whiggles said...

I certainly think The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh is Martino's best giallo (although I slightly prefer All the Colors of the Dark, with the death of Carol being one of its many highlights.