Monday, October 24, 2005

Back in utero

For those who have seen the movie "What have you done to Solange?", you know how twisted and perverse the killer's method is.
And you probably also noticed that only one girl escapes this treatment: Elizabeth.
Elizabeth is killed as well. But she's the only girl to be drowned in her bath.

Even though the bathtub sequence is a classic in Giallo, this particular one carries in my opinion an interesting sense, considering the topics the film is dealing with:
Elizabeth, much like Solange, is a woman-child. But contrary to the latter and the other girls, she was a virgin, as we later find out. Because of this, she could not die the same way as the other victims - she was still "innocent".

And her death is visually very symbolic: seeing her in the bathtub water, it almost looks like she's floating into amniotic liquid.
Forever a child.

"Cosa avete fatto a Solange?" (Massimo Dallamano - 1972) can be found here.

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Whiggles said...

Once again you've provided a very interesting observation that just goes to show how carefully crafted Solange is. I will soon be working on a review of the new Italian DVD release, and I must mention your point about Elizabeth's death. Looking at the screenshot, her appearance when drowned in the bath is very foetal - another reference to abortion, perhaps?