Wednesday, October 26, 2005


When Kathy Adams (Marina Malfati) heard her three cats crying in the kitchen just after she had given them some milk, she realised something wrong was going on.
Indeed, they sounded like desperate baby cries.
She was to find all three of them agonising on the kitchen floor a second later, poisoned by their own milk.

That disturbing scene which makes you feel uncomfortable, because of its clever ambiguous use of the cat's crying sound, is the only one worth noticing from Umberto Lenzi's "Seven Blood Stained Orchids" (1972). It is by the way reminiscent of the "milk glass" scene from Argento's "Cat o'nine tails" released the year before.

Apart from this, a very bland giallo to which Riz Ortolani manages to give some kind of pace, thanks to a nice jazz-soul score with hints of Morriconesque tonalities.


J&M said...

Call me superficial but Pulp Fiction is my favorite movie. Any recommendations along those lines?

Sylvain L. said...

I have to say that I am far from being a fan of Mr Tarantino. However he borrowed more than a lot to Giallo and European alternative cinema in general. So obviously you'll find a fair deal of his inspiration from Mario Bava's films, Sergio Martino and the likes. You should also check the 10kbullets website, which is very resourceful on that front (see the links on the blog).

Mirko di Wallenberg said...

Although Seven Blood Stained Orchids is not a great giallo it was my first that I have ever seen so it does has a special place in my film-heart. It was also the movie that introduced me to Marisa Mell at the same time that I discovered Danger: Diabolik!