Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The prey

That scene.
That famous scene from Antonioni's "Blow-Up". Even if you haven't seen the film, you know about it: Thomas (David Hemmings), a fashion photographer, has a shooting session with Verushka, one of the 60's most famous models.

Watch it again. Listen to Herbie Hancock's laidback jazz. It sounds really cool. It looks very glamourous. Yes it almost feels like Thomas is making love to Verushka as they dance a sensual ballet together while he's taking pictures of her.

But look closer: isn't Verushka surrendering? Isn't Thomas taking over her in a very eager way? Hasn't she become his prey?
In this scene, Thomas shows his true colors. He is a predator. He is annihilating Verushka as he's forcing her onto the floor and stealing her very image.

It is not a love scene, it is a highly aesthetical crime scene.

More on Blow-Up, one of Giallo's greatest sources of influence, here.
If you have not seen this chef-d'oeuvre, then rush there. And find the soundtrack here.

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